Classroom Learning – October 27 – October 31, 2014

Here is a brief overview of the learning and events happening in our classroom this upcoming week:


There will be continued review in the three estimation strategies, as well as place value. Students will also be working on their real estate projects.

Language Arts

Students will be working on creating ideas with juicy details in their writing. They will integrate observation skills learned in Science to observe objects around them and create writing pieces to reflect this learning on their blog. We are also still reading The Fourteenth Goldfish together and generating predictions and conversations around our ideas. Students will also be writing a piece integrating their understanding of ideas while also connecting it to our reading.


We have reviewed the information pieces regarding what an electrical circuit is and what are its components. Students will be working in groups to conduct experiments focused on creating circuits using acidic fruits as well as experiments using vinegar, nails and copper wire to light up an LED bulb.

Social Studies

Social Studies interviews were due on Friday, however I was away and so students were given this weekend in addition to the past two weeks to conduct interviews with family members about their heritage and bring back their findings. We will be gathering the data created and reviewing our collective social histories and backgrounds. Please ensure interviews are brought back in any form.


Students were working on lines and patterns to create optical illusion art pieces. These will be displayed this week and we have moved on to looking at positive and negative space. As a spin on Halloween and to add some fun hands-on creation, we are attempting to create paper mache pumpkins….stay tuned!


Halloween – Students may come to school dressed in their Halloween costumes, however as Halloween falls on a Friday this year, we have Phys.Ed. first block of the day. Students will need to have a change of clothes. Following lunch recess, there will be multiple fun activities and events planned around the school for students to engage in based on their own interests, which we call Spookapalooza! Students may bring in treats to share, but please note that we have a severe peanut allergy in our classroom and anything brought in, must be peanut-free.


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