Classroom Learning – September 26, 2014

We have jumped right in to building our foundation for life-long learning in LC5B. As our core focus in on inquiry and problem-solving through real-world applications, the students are learning how to ask questions and how to approach problems in every aspect of our curriculum.

To have students thinking about problems and ways to apply different strategies that work for them, we looked at assisting this Rocket Propelled Coyote from one place to another. Students came up with their own individual solutions through actively trying, failing and re-attempting different possible outcomes. I loved watching them push through their frustrations and share with one another the ways in which  they solved the coyote’s problem.

Figuring out how to get the coyote from one place to another.

Figuring out how to get the coyote from one place to another.

At one point during our session, Mr. McLean joined us and pointed out that he had a different interpretation of the problem. He was attempting to get the Coyote to his exact location, while we were attempting to get him there within one 1km. That moment allowed us to learn that how we read and interpret a problem may be different which would also produce different outcomes.

Our challenge to you….can you help the Coyote and show or tell us how you did it? Please leave us a comment below!


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