Learning How To Blog

Students have been working very hard on their “All About Me” blog posts. We opted to create our first blogs on paper to practice format and also to decide together what content would be appropriate to share online.

A blog is a student-created website within the PSD70 network that allows for students to write and publish their work. “A blog post can be anything. It could be a reflection on an assignment, it could be about what students enjoy doing, it could be a video, a song or a poem. However, its MUCH more than just an online journal because it allows for open connection and communication.

A blog creates an authentic audience because when a student knows they are creating content which will be seen by everyone and not just their teacher, the quality of their work increases. It also provides a platform for student voice and an opportunity for students to practice citizenship skills in the online realm. One of the most powerful uses of a blog is that it chronicles a student’s classroom learning from the beginning of the year to the end and provides parents and educators open access to witness learning growth.

Working on their paper blogs!

Working on their paper blogs!

Students wrote or typed out their first posts and personalized them to reflect their individuality. Once their post was complete, they practiced effective commenting with a focus on introduction, response, connection to content and closing. They began to read one another’s posts and leaving them comments with the above criteria. As the continued, they soon realized the power of a great comment as it would generate a continued discussion.

Engaged and connected in their learning.

Engaged and connected in their learning.

They are getting so excited to showcase their blogs to our school community outside our classroom door and moving on to their very first online blogs!


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