“Something awesome is gonna happen today! I can’t wait to see what it will be!”  
– Karen Salmansohn

I read this quote a few weeks ago and it really resonated with me. I always try to cherish the little things that happen every day; to find laughter in the craziness of life.

Sometimes, life is not what we expect it to be. We all have our rough moments or even days where everything seemingly goes wrong despite our best efforts, but it’s how we frame our thoughts that allow us to pull through.

My students are no different and they too struggle with moving from the negative to the positive. It’s easy to dwell on the bad things and feel sorry for oneself, but this way of thinking doesn’t grow us, it only holds us back.

When reading this quote, I decided I needed to share it with my class and hear their thoughts. I asked them if they thought that awesome, fun, or happy things could happen every day. Their responses shocked me as the majority said no. I rephrased it and then asked ” is there at least one thing, even if it’s the smallest thing, that makes you smile every day?” This made them think and we decided to actively look for the little things; the things that make us smile.

To document our daily findings of awesome, we tweet from our class twitter account @gr34bears and use the #ourawesome . To start we have focused on finding one thing that made us smile that day. As we continue, my students are finding that they have much more than just one awesome. Most have started writing the awesomes that have happened before even arriving at school and continuing throughout the day, which means we will have to expand from the one to the many soon.

What started as a quote has created a large movement in our classroom. It’s a beginning, but its awesome and I can’t wait to see where it will lead us!


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