Pursuing Passions – Starting Genius Hour

A cake made and decorated by one of my students,

A cake made and decorated by one of my excited students at home.

Have you ever just paused in the middle of your hectic and over-scheduled life for just one single moment to assess if you are pursuing what truly makes you happy? Lets suppose you did just that, would you even know the answer?

Ask a child that very same question and most can tell you what makes them happy without hesitation and not only that, but they actively pursue those things. The questions then become: Are they being provided with adequate time and opportunity to do so, and what about those who may not know?

Over the summer, as I thought about this upcoming school year, I wanted to introduce a free-form of inquiry-based learning. My students have always been the driving force behind the learning in our classroom, but it focused directly on a specific curricular outcome and I wanted to go beyond that this year. I wanted for my students to ask the deep questions and to explore them as they wished. What is it that makes them happy? What are the things that they want to learn about and understand? After-all, school is about learning, experimenting and creation right?

With assistance and inspiration from my Twitter PLN, the work of JoyKirr with Genius Hour, Josh Stumpenhorst with Innovation DayJesse McLean with Innovation Week and AJ Juliani with 20% Time in the classroom, I set out to find what would work best for my group.  If you’ve not heard of these or are still in process of finding out more information, I highly encourage you to read about the incredible possibilities that these educators are providing for their students. There are amazing things happening in Education and it starts with providing students with the opportunity to have control over and own their learning.

On the very first day of school, we gathered together on our carpet and had a discussion about what we love to do and why. I’m lucky enough to have looped grades with my current group of students and since we’ve been together for two going on three years, we have built a deep trust with one another. At first, their answers were focused on school subjects, then they branched out to after-school activities and then realizing that I was still asking, their answers became more in-depth. I asked them if they were provided with time in school to build, create or learn about anything, what would they like to do? You could have heard a pin-drop at that moment. I watched with amazement as they pondered the possibilities and then the excitement took over and the real conversations started happening.

We are now into week three and they have begun their research. Some students are still learning to question what really motivates and drives them, what they are really passionate about. While others have delved right in, moving full-force towards their projects. Students who weren’t eager readers were asking to go to the library at recess to get more books or go online to find out more. They are reading, organizing, collecting, planning, discussing and collaborating. One student was so engaged with her cake decorating book that she baked and decorated the cake in that photo above after-school and brought in for me the next day!

What are they wanting to learn about or create? The answers really blew me away and I’ve known my group for a while. What I had anticipated they would want to do, was nowhere near what they have chosen so far. They have come up with the following completely on their own:

1. Build a running buggy – They have already located a lawnmower engine!

2. Discover the difference between butter and margarine by baking and creating a website to document their findings

3. Learning to sew

4. Exploring how SpongeBob was created and animation

5. How truck engine motors operate

6.  All about horses

7. What does a Marine Biologist do and discover

8. Design and draw a truck and then construct life-size version

My goal is to aid and assist in any way that I can. I am hoping to enlist the help of the local high school and possibly collaborate with the Mechanics and Foods educators and bring our students together to get some of their projects off the ground. I have connections in the automotive industry with my previous career and a Skype session or two with mechanical engineers is on the list as well. I’m going to continue to facilitate as many connections as possible this year to assist them.

We also had the failure conversation, especially for the few who have never thought they could create something. We learned that it’s the process and the journey that matters most and that what they start out with may not be what they end with and that’s ok. We talked about how this is something that extends outside of school; that they can create and learn everyday.

They are beginning to make the important connections and starting to ask the deeper questions. I am amazed already at the direction they are going and tell them everyday:  “You are a genius and the world needs your contribution!” – the wonderful Angela Maiers .


4 thoughts on “Pursuing Passions – Starting Genius Hour

  1. Dana,
    Thank YOU for YOUR contribution. The more people blog about what’s happening in their classes, the more we learn and are inspired. Of course, I had to add your post to the LiveBinder, so here it is, at the top:
    Now any post you tag with “Genius Hour” will show up from this one link. Please keep us up to date – even if you don’t receive comments – people ARE reading your posts (know from experience) and learning from them.
    Enjoy the journey!!


  2. Joy,

    I can’t thank you enough for being an absolute inspiration and source of continued support for not only our class, but the countless others who are implementing Genius Hour with their students.

    I’m honoured to be a part of the Live Binder and will definitely continue to share about our journey this year!


  3. Well done, Dana. Sometimes “new” things seem risky, but you’re right that sometimes they’re more important. Thanks for the post! (And like Joy said, keep blogging! My new goal is to comment on posts I like to support edubloggers.)


  4. Tanis,

    Thank you so much! One of my favourite quotes goes something like this: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” If we don’t try, we will never know and think of where the world would be without those who have pushed the boundaries of change. I try to instil this into my life and practice daily. I will definitely continue to share! 🙂


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