The Power of Change

The one room Fort Assiniboine Old School House.

The Fort Assiniboine Old School House

The concept of change is something that many of us struggle with. It’s not so much what is changing, but the process that it brings forth, the uncertainties, insecurities and potential for error. However, change is a constant in life, and if embraced wholeheartedly, it brings great growth.

This past year has been one filled with an immense amount of change, both personal and professional. Its allowed for a lot of reflection on my current practices, my passions and where I see myself and my future as an educator. The changes are allowing me to grow into the educator I’ve always envisioned myself to be and to push through the boundaries I had inadvertently placed in my own path.

I’m a quiet observer, always taking in information and reconfiguring it to construct my own meaning, but I am quick to action when everything starts coming together. This year is when everything started clicking and changing around me. I have started to grow my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and the speed at which I am making connections with educators all around the world is astounding. Through the power of Twitter, I have made invaluable connections for not only myself but my students. Dedicated and passionate educators who I can collaborate with and share ideas, thoughts and visions. Its allowed me to see that we are all changing and growing together; education thrives with change.

This has resonated in my classroom and with my students who seek authentic forms of connection as much as we all do. I’ve connected them with not only one another but the world through blogging and the use of Twitter in our classroom. They are expressing their thoughts, concerns and hopes through their writing and its reaching an audience that never existed to them. They’ve met students from other provinces and countries through Skype, related their learning to national movements on Twitter, watched a science experiment live in space via web-cast, engaged in a Google doodle competition and even tweeted with their local favourite nesting goose. Its made school real and meaningful and its only just the beginning. Together we are changing the concept of what true learning is and how its applied outside of the classroom.

I took the cover photo above this week while at our local museum’s one room school house. I sat in the desk of teachers before me, who could have never imagined the wealth of knowledge and endless opportunities and possibilities that lay before us now as educators. I was in awe at the challenges they faced and how they grew through them. We only have to open the door for change and embrace the new to grow to our highest potential.

I’m excited for our future and what we will say about education 10, 20, 50 years from now.


3 thoughts on “The Power of Change

  1. Loved your post and the title: The Power of Change…. It has also been and exciting year for me as I learn along side my students… Love what technology brings to the classroom. Have yet to Skype …:) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Dana, you are a wonderful writer. I agree change can be a bit daunting but when we view it as potential for growth our options become limitless. Thanks for embracing change and leading the meaningful use of technology by connecting our students to the real world!


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